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How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last?

When determining how long the effects of CBD oil will last, it is important to first realize that CBD effects everyone’s body differently. The duration it takes to feel the effects of CBD as well as how long these effects last can often depend on the person as well as the method in which they are taking them.

If you are just getting started on CBD, you will need to give your body some time to adjust to taking it. Some people who try CBD for the first time expect a drastic result instantly, but usually CBD gives a more subtle relief. “It is best to give your CBD regimen some time before determining how long various methods of administration work for you. The method of delivery for CBD determines how long it takes to feel the effects as well as how long those effects last.”


Tinctures are the most popular method of delivery. CBD tinctures are taken as drops under the tongue, held for approximately 60 seconds and then swallowed. Holding under the tongue allows for a quicker delivery because the CBD oil is instantly absorbed by the mucous membranes under the tongue and then directly absorbed into the blood stream, bypassing the digestive tract. Typically, it takes about 20-30 minutes to feel the effects of CBD tinctures, and the effects have shown to last between 4-6 hours.

Soft Gels

Our CBD soft gels are easy-to-swallow capsules, taken like any regular supplement. When CBD is orally ingested, it must first go through the digestive system and then the liver, where CBD molecules are metabolized by various enzymes. This process reduces the concentration of CBD compounds which are then absorbed into the bloodstream. Because CBD must first travel through the digestive system and liver, the effects take longer to feel. It is common for CBD capsules to take about an hour to start feeling the capsules, which is known to last between 6-8 hours.

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