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Kyte Life Has Arrived

With CBD becoming the new buzzword in today’s culture, many people are looking to start integrating CBD oil into their daily lives but don’t know where to start. When looking for a CBD provider, it is critical to find a company like Kyte Life, which uses a rigorous process to produce a pure form of CBD oil with zero THC. Kyte Life is excited to introduce its premier line of CBD products created from the purest full spectrum CBD oil on the market. Through the use of innovative nano technology, our CBD products ensure an industry-leading absorption rate to uplift your life with numerous benefits.

Kyte Life has launched seveal products including CBD Tincture, Salve, Soft Gels and Vape Pen and Cartridge Kit. Infused with subtle delicious flavors, each product undergoes quality manufacturing to ensure it is void of any harsh chemicals or metals. Kyte Life’s CBD products are always 100% organic, THC free and Gluten free.

Unlike industrial hemp products, our CBD oil is carefully extracted from a strain of hemp that is specifically bred to contain a high level of CBD. All of Kyte Life’s CBD products undergo an extensive process to ensure the complete removal of THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Because Kyte Life’s CBD products are 100% THC free, you can enjoy all the incredible benefits of CBD oil without the worry of any mind altering effects on the body.

All of Kyte Life’s products show the true amount of CBD listed on each label so you know exactly the level of CBD concentrate of each product. In contrast, many other companies only list the hemp oil in the product instead of showing the amount of CBD. Another important thing to note is the costliness for a company to remove 100% of the THC from products because half of the product is lost during the process. If a company does not announce that its CBD is 100% THC free, it means the product still contains THC and is therefore not a pure form of CBD oil.

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